ac repair

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Are you busy losing your cool due to a noisy, ineffective or faulty air conditioner? Your first impulse may be to throw the offending air conditioner on the scrap yard, and to install a new unit. This is certainly an option and may well be the correct choice. However, consider first finding out what is wrong with your existing unit before spending all of that money on a new unit. The repair costs may be a lot less than what you imagine.

Typical Air Conditioner Problems

Check for a low refrigerant level and refrigerant leaks. Air conditioners require adequate levels of refrigerant for optimal performance. Only qualified air conditioner technicians are allowed to drain or top-up refrigerant fluids.

Replace the air filter. Dirty air filters will result in poor performance and can restrict the air flow. Follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer when purchasing or installing a new air filter.

Check to see that all the electrical connections and contacts are securely attached, and  that there is no visible corrosion. If repairs on the electrical or mechanical parts of your air conditioner are required, call your local HVAC contractor for assistance.

Clean and unblock the condensate drain. Blocked condensate drains can cause damage to your air conditioner and will reduce the efficiency of the unit.

Check to ensure all the fittings are securely tightened and that there are no loose panels. Loose panels can create noise when the air conditioner is in use.

If the above steps do not solve the problem, contact your local HVAC contractor and schedule an appointment. Ask them to give you a quote you for the repairs, and also request prices on new air condition units. It is important to take into account that new units are more efficient than older models, and that you will save money on energy bills when installing a new unit.