8 Reasons to Install a New AC Before Winter

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Now that fall and winter are on their way, thinking about getting a new air conditioning system will be the last thing on your mind. Although it may seem odd to want a new AC installation during the colder months, there are quite a lot of benefits to having it done. We’ve put together a few reason to why we think you should consider a new AC installation this fall.

New AC Installation

What are the benefits of off-season AC installation?

Having a new air conditioner installed in fall may seem like a strange idea, but it’s actually the best time to get it done. Read the benefits below and you’ll soon realize why.

1. It Gives You Time to Research

When the summer is over, you’re no longer relying on your air conditioner to cool down your home. It’s the perfect time to look at new AC units and weigh up your options.

There are so many different options available when it comes to air conditioners. Instead of trying to buy a new AC just before or during the summer and ending up with something that’s not ideal for your home, spend a bit of extra time this fall looking for your perfect cooling system.

2. It’s Less Expensive

When the summer season is over, AC units aren’t in such high demand. Getting a new air conditioning installation out of season often means the prices will be lower. A new system will also be more cost effective, so soon it will be paying for itself.

3. Old Systems Come with Costly Repairs

As your unit ages, the chances of it needing repairs increases. An old system can be unpredictable; you don’t know when it’s going to fail on you. Compared to newer systems, older ones also tend to require costlier repairs.

4. Get More Efficiency

When you have an air conditioner that is over eight years old, it may be becoming inefficient. When your unit is no longer efficient, it will cost you a lot more than it is worth. A new installation is a lot more energy effective; your bills will be lower, and it’s also better for the environment.

5. Potential Rebates and Credits

Another financial benefit of having a new AC installed during the fall is credits and deductions. During this time of the year, you’ll also find that warranties on many AC units will cover you for much longer than buying one during the summer.

6. Save Money On Your Contractor

During the winter months, AC companies and technicians won’t be in such high demand, and they’ll have a lot more time than during the summer. Many businesses and contractors offer fall and winter installation discount to keep work steady during the colder seasons.New Air Conditioner

7. Fast and Convenient

While it’s summer, air conditioning technicians are a lot busier. If you schedule to have a new AC unit installed, you may have to wait for weeks until they are free. If your old system has broken down and this is why you’re after a replacement, you could be waiting for a long time with no air con at all. During the winter, they’ll be able to schedule you an appointment almost immediately.

8. You Can Plan Ahead

Getting a new AC system installed during fall means you won’t have to worry about doing it later on. When summer comes, you can switch on your new energy efficient unit, sit back, and relax. You won’t need to worry about possible repairs, or air conditioning malfunction. It’s always better to be fully prepared than leaving large home improvements until the last minute.